Friday, February 27, 2015

Better Vision in Style

[Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received the product for a review purpose, but the opinions are my own based on my experience.]

Hi sweet bumblebees! Yeeeees, so I'm back from Seoul, and it's great to be home reuniting with Jakarta's warmth. The trip was totally fun, I got snow, rain, plus loads of cosmetics. HA! Although I'm not gonna update a haul post because I tried to take a photo of it but the result sucked, a review of each interesting product will be coming up soon, for sure ;)

Anyway, this time I'm going to review circle lenses. It's been awhile since my last post about circle lens, right? I received a package from when I was away. I picked toric circle lenses as I have astigmatism on both of my eyes.

I have never once worn toric lenses before, nor I understand how to differ them from the regular ones. However, I did quite a research and finally understood how this lens works. On the site, they have many pretty design of toric lenses, even so at the end I picked gray colored lenses with the smallest diameter which is 14 mm because I love how natural this kind of lens will look like on my eyes.

Neo Vision Ahene 3 Color Toric gray review
Neo Vision Ahene 3 Color Toric in gray.

All of toric lenses on are made to your prescription so that's why you will see handwritten on the bottle or the cap. For Neo Vision's toric lenses, the bottle sticker's default is axis 180, but if it's not 180, it will be handwritten by the manufacturer.

Neo Toric in gray review
All made to your prescription.

Well, just one thing that bothers me, I'm not sure what are these lenses made of, I couldn't find it on their website too. I even looked it up on the Neo Vision's site, yet I still didn't get a clue.

result ahene 3 color gray

Specification of Neo Vision Ahene 3 Color Toric:
Power Range: 0.00 ∼ -10.00
Diameter: 14.0mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 42%
Lifespan: 1 year disposal

Design: 5 out of 5
The 3 tones design makes this lens looks gentle and since I picked the 14 mm diameter it certainly suits my small eyes. The green part looks more vivid in real life and somehow it doesn't look too fake. Instead, it shows a liveliness.

Enlargement: 5 out of 5
I wasn't expecting any enlargement to be honest with such diameter. To my surprise, the limbal ring of this lens enable enlargement in the most natural way.

Comfort: 3.5 out of 5
It will get dry in about around 4 hours, so I definitely need to use my eyedrops once in a while. Toric lens also feels a bit different from the regular ones, mine is flatter on the center and sort of stiff.

Overall: My first impression of toric lenses was just so good. Who knows we who suffer astigmatism now can wear circle lens too? I'm thankful that my astigmatism is considered mild so that's why I can still wear the regular lenses until now. Still, this kind of lens will be exceptionally useful for those who have severe astigmatism, but at the same time want to wear circle lenses and have better vision too.

Price: USD 60 per pair

neo toric ahene 3 color gray
Final look with Ahene 3 Color Toric in gray.

What I really like more about the service from is the convenience! They are considerate to give such a guide on how to open the bottle (even if you make a mistake, there's a solution on the guide) and of course, how to take care of the lenses. reviewohmylens review
A very helpful guide indeed!

Last but not least, if you shop for more than USD 120, they will send your order by EMS (the fastest shipping method) with no charge! That's quite an interesting deal if you want to buy another pair of these toric lenses just in case.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Korean Beauty Wish List

Anyong dear bumblebees! I am so especially excited for February, a.k.a the month of love I suppose! The reason is..... *drumrolls* I'll be flying to Seoul in just a few days! Well, the thing is, I kinda picked a wrong date to travel because with lunar new year just around the corner, I heard some of the shops will close earlier. But... Please don't... According to the itinerary, I'm going to visit Yeoju Premium Outlets on the 19th (It's THE day), I love outlet shopping ya know, it saves a lot of money.

And then on the 20th, it's the cosmetic shopping's turn. I asked Filia if the shops would still open after Seollal, and she said the chances major stores open are bigger, but such place like Myeongdong would be less packed than usual. What a relief, right? Honestly I don't like the idea of shopping in a crowded place, so if there will be less people, it doesn't sound so bad then. Just as long as all the cosmetic shops are open! LOL.

Omona~ I can't waiiit~!

So here I created little collages of things I've been wanting to buy, I guess there would be a lot of unexpected purchases (I'm just that impulsive, fyi). It's okay anyway to spend more money when you travel overseas :P

 photo KOREANWLMAKEUP_zps80513aef.png
The makeup-tool items wish list:
  1. Etude House Give Me Chocolate Shadow in cherry truffle // KRW 8,500
  2. Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Pore Cover Powder // KRW 7,900
  3. Laneige Sparkling Party BB Cushion // KRW 37,000
  4. Etude House My Beauty Tool Brushes // KRW 2,500 - KRW 10,000
  5. Moonshot Color Moonwalk Cream Paint in pink punch // KRW 25,000
  6. 3CE Dangerous Matte Lip Color in stay by me // KRW 17,900
  7. 3CE Dangerous Matte Lip Color in classic rosy // KRW 17,900
  8. 3CE Bold Shading // KRW 19,000
 photo SKINCARE_zpsea387260.png
The skin-hair-brush care items wish list:
  1. Etude House Dr. Lash Ampoule // KRW 20,000
  2. Etude House Hot Style Heating Protector // KRW 6,500
  3. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask // KRW 9,100
  4. Etude House Brush Shower Cleaner // KRW 8,000
  5. Nature Republic Bee Venom Pink Spot // KRW 14,000
  6. Skinfood Black Sugar Honey Mask Washoff // KRW 8,800
  7. Innisfree Orchid Collections // KRW 12,600 - KRW 19,600
That's it! Oh. Don't hesitate to leave a comment and recommend me some great Korean cosmetics! There are lots of other Korean brands that I'm still not familiar with, such as PrimeraAritaum, ClioBanila Co., Too Cool For School and so on. So if you have any suggestion for my skin oily-normal skin type that's prone to blackheads and whiteheads. Please do tell me ^^

P.S: Hope I can get some honey butter chips! It's sold out everywhere like cray. I wonder how does it taste like. Once I get it, I will definitely update on my Instagram! MUAHAHA!
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Friday, January 23, 2015

Galactomyces Essence

Hey wonderful bumblebees! Happy new year!! First post of the year, I hope I didn't disappoint you for being MIA and abandoning the #BLOGMAS. I'm so sorry. Mianhaeyo~ That's why one of my resolutions this year is to blog more (with quality of course). LOL. Don't you think time flies so fast? A bit too fast than before. Is it only me but it really feels like it passes very quickly after I started blogging last year.

My first post in 2015 is about my favorite facial essence. So I've been using Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence since early 2014, not clearly remember the month, but I did repurchased last December cause I used up the whole bottle!

Well, there are so many other Korean brands out there who produce this galactomyces contained essence actually. I wonder why I picked Secret Key in the first place as it was honestly an impulsive buying back then. This kind of treatment essence wasn't new to me, I tried the one from Missha before, sample size though.

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence Rose
Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence (Limited Edition).

Description: Whitening and anti-wrinkle line which contains 94% galactomyces, one of the yeast ferment filtrates. It is not only the source of the nutrition, but also has an outstanding moisturizing effect for the skin. Free of parabens, animal oils, benzophenone, flavoring, coloring, triethanolamine, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol, alcohol, and sulfates.

Secret Key Starting Treatment EssenceSecret Key Starting Treatment Essence ingredients
Descriptions in Korean and ingredients.

Please note that I don't think this product would work as amazing if I didn't do the other skin regimen such as cleansing, exfoliating, toning, etc. This essence claims to brighten and prevent wrinkles, I do see the brightening effect, but not yet the anti-wrinkle as I'm only in my early 20s. I believe it requires a long term commitment if you want to prove whether it can prevent or reduce the wrinkle.

Let's get to the review, this essence has watery and runny texture so I'd use a cotton pad and just dab it around my face. Some people might think that pouring some into the palm and pat it on the face would save the product more, but well if you're doing it that way, make sure your hands are clean.

The rose edition doesn't have any scent at all! I was surprised 'cause I thought there would be a slight rosey scent at least. On the other hand, the original edition has a quite distinguishable scent, not to the extend it's unpleasant anyways.

Packaging wise, it's made of glass, kind of heavy, therefore I definitely don't recommend this for traveling as 150ml is the only size they have. Not sure if it's going to leak, but it's rather inconvenient for me to bring this stuff.

When I run out of the original STE, I didn't restock it right away because I had to wait for the pre-order. Thus, I stopped using it for awhile, almost a month, and surely there was no sign of breakout. Honestly, I prefer this rose edition because it is odorless and it absorbs to skin more quickly. I think that's because the watery texture, it's not like the other one isn't watery, but the texture of this one is more like real water. Not to mention, the packaging looks exclusive with gold cap.

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence Limited Edition
The rose edition contains 150ml, it's a tad lesser than the original one, 155ml.

It took me like half a year to finish the first bottle. However, these days I've tried to be more generous when it comes to skincare, that's why in this picture you couldn't see the shadow of the remaining essence anymore. I've finished one third of it in just a month. Muahaha!

Price: IDR 185k

Feels like the K-drama gods are so kind lately. Because all the good looking men are on TV! On Mon-Tue we have this hottie Ji ChangWook. Just new in, Wed-Thu drama we have HyunBin, I have had a huge crush on him since A Millionaire's First Love! And lastly on Friday, with 2 episodes in a day, we have Jaejoongieee aka the most good looking human I've ever seen in person.

Usually when a drama ends, I'd feel sad, the kind of empty feeling you know. However, that wasn't the case for Pinocchio! I did a little talk about the drama before, it was a lovely drama to catch up but I mustn't be the only one who wanted the drama to end a little sooner as I saw HyunBin in those upcoming drama previews, right? x_x Thankfully they aired episode 18 and 19 on the same day so that Hyde, Jekyll, Me would premiere on schedule.

KBS Healer OST:
Michael Learns To Rock - Eternal Love.
Tei - What My Eyes Say.

SBS Hyde, Jekyll, Me OST:
Park BoRam - Falling.


Jungyup - Shadow.

Zia - Stardust.

Mind to share what are you currently watching in this dramaland? :D
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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gift Guide: Workaholic Moms

Greetings, bumblebees! Back with another #BLOGMAS post. On this second #BLOGMAS, I'm going to share a Christmas gift guide for mothers who are working full time; mothers who are basically busy when they're in office and home. Just like my mom. Even when she's home, she would also take care of the housekeeping stuff although we have a maid and sometimes she would bring some 'home works' and get done her another side job. Hmm, but I guess this gift guide isn't restricted to mothers as you can also pick it as a gift for workaholic girlfriends.

christmas gift guide busy moms
  1. I Am Very Busy iPhone 6 Case // USD 26
  2. Echo Touch - Ruched Leather Mix Gloves // USD 48
  3. Yankee Candle Build A Snowman Winter Wonderland Collection // USD 27.99
  4. Parker Urban Premium Golden Pearl // USD 75
  5. Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule // KRW 52,500
  6. Michael Kors Glam Jasmine Deluxe Gift Set // USD 105
I know I know, though looks like it's marketed for teens and young adults, I bet workaholic moms couldn't deny that this statement case is absolutely made for them too!

In such cold weather, busy moms will need something to keep them warm while checking on their smartphones. I picked Echo's Touch - Ruched Leather Mix Gloves because these leather-and-knit gloves have special tips at the thumbs and index fingers that allow interaction with touchscreen devices. It looks stylish too, doesn't it?

Being engaged to work makes your body tensed up and we all had been through that moment. For workaholic people, they don't realize this anxiety sometimes. Therefore, a Yankee Candle would be a perfect gift for them. Build A Snowman is described as a playful scent of cool, minty fresh air with the hint of vanilla. But for this, you can prolly ask your mom what's their favorite scent because then again, relaxation would come in minutes if only they enjoy the aroma.

A fountain pen is undoubtedly considered as classy, because it'd give such lovely handwritings. This golden finish pen by Parker definitely looks elegant and if your mom is someone who dearly loves write something on paper instead of PC, I guess this gift couldn't be more perfect.

Based on my observation, when people are busy, they tend to forget to take care of their skin. I might be captivated by Missha's luxurious packaging when I picked this product, but no, in fact this essential ampoule contains glactic acid fermented ingredients to improve skin damages which is purposed for anti-aging and its ingredient contains no irritants. Besides, the price is fairly affordable for its quantity.

When in doubt, pick a gift set. And if you're still doubtful, pick something that is universally needed. Yes yes.. It's none other than fragrance! Glam Jasmine Deluxe Gift Set includes perfume spray, rollerball, and body cream. Especially in a work place where one should not wear heavy perfumes, the rollerball and body cream are just right!


Hayley Westenra, Russell Watson, and Aled Jones - Twelve Days of Christmas.

Another favorite Christmas carol of mine. The lyrics are fun and it rhymes so playfully. For me personally, the best part is the FIVE golden rings~! LOL! On another note, did anyone realize this? Google bar search will display pine trees and snowfall in the background if you're searching anything with Christmas in the keyword :P

Till next #BLOGMAS, then!
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gift Guide: Beauty Freaks

Hello my beautiful bumblebees! Forgive me for being extremely late for this #BLOGMAS series. I've been thinking to feature my wish list as Christmas wish list (because I have a lot that I want for Christmas LOL) but then when I think about it again, my wish list, can be a gift guide as well actually. With Christmas right around the corner, there are so many new released products that are especially made for Christmas gift. How exciting!

And so for this first #BLOGMAS, I'll be sharing my own beauty wish list. Tomorrow (or maybe the day after tomorrow HA) I'm gonna list down the other gift guides for moms, dads, and him. Who knows it can help you to find a christmas gift for your loved ones?

christmas gift guide #blogmas
  1. Too Faced Under The Mistletoe // USD 28
  2. Too Faced La Belle Carousel // USD 49
  3. Clarisonic Mia 3 Makeup Removal Expert // USD 199
  4. Hera × Au Jour Le Jour UV Mist Cushion // KRW 45,000
  5. Laneige Sparkling Party Makeup Collection // RM 105
  6. Urban Decay Naked on the Run Palette // USD 54
  7. Etude House Pink Wish Tree Hand Bouquet Set // USD 6
This is a very last minute gift guide I know and so these very cute Too Faced Christmas collection are being sold out everywhere. However, who knows maybe you can find some last stocks on the net. Not only offering three different shades of shimmer lipsticks, Under The Mistletoe wraps it all inside a sparkling pink glitter bag. It looks like a great deal, doesn't it? If it doesn't, La belle Carousel is there for you, because it is a set that can be distributed to five people. It consists of five pretty palettes of eye shadows, blushes and bronzers plus the best-selling Better Than Sex Mascara.

As someone who takes care of my face crazily, Clarisonic has been on my wish list for the longest time. It is known expensive, but seeing how great it is for the skin, I am sure it will be worth the money. Moreover, this exclusive Nordstorm's packaging is amazingly feminine and you probably want to own it too just because of it.

BB Cushion trend is not dead yet, I've heard lots of other brands that sell this compact cheaper than Hera. However, who can resist this packaging? Or is it just me who couldn't say no to these irresistible eyes and lips doodles?

In this festive season, you need all the glitters to look more fab. Laneige's Sparkling Party Makeup Palette features glitter nails and eyeshadows in neutral shades and the ever popular Water Drop Tint in two different pink shade.

Another Urban Decay's Naked must-have palette. Looks like this palette alone will be enough for all the travelers, yes?

Lastly, here's for the beauty gift on the budget, but still useful for us and others in need. Etude House has just recently started a new campaign called Pink Wish Tree. Though I'm not so sure how many percent of the profit will go to the foundation, I still believe it's made of good deeds. Besides, in dry winter season, a hand cream is something that we definitely need.

The Piano Guys feat. David Archuleta - Angels We Have Heard On High.

Can I say this is my MOST favorite Christmas song? I still remember back then when I was a little kid, as one of the choir members, I enjoyed singing this song more than the other Christmas songs. I bet that's because this song has such catchy tune and refrain. How about you, bumblebees? What is your most fave Christmas song?

Kindly stay tuned for more #BLOGMAS!
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